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Casual environment, large wine and beer selection, craft-made cocktails.

CUISINE: American

2013 E. 29th
Spokane, WA
Open Mon-Sun

First Course

Seafood Crustini
Creamy mix of crab and shrimp with a tangy kick atop crisp crustini, garnished with English cucumber, avocado and lemon.

* Add a glass of Champagne $3

Classic Caesar Salad
Fresh romaine, shaved Parmesan, housemade croutons, tossed lightly in our Caesar dressing.

* Add a glass of Champagne $3

Seaside Fries
Medium cut potato, sea salt and a dusting of pecorino-Romano cheese. |V

* Make it a basket for $3

Second Course

Three Little Pigs Gnocchi
Small potato dumplings, light cream sauce. Pig #1: wild boar sausage; pig #2: bacon bits; pig #3: pork tenderloin, fresh herbs, mushrooms all diced, finished with Pecorino-Romano.   

Filet Mignon and Shrimp
3 oz. filet mignon, the most tender of steaks, topped with grilled shrimp and served with baked potato and fresh vegetables.

* Add 3 oz. filet or four shrimp for $5

Marrakesh Express
Slow-cooked braised tender lamb shoulder, savory Moroccan spices, rustic veggies served with basmati rice and dried apricots.   

Third Course

Champagne Sorbet Sundae
Start with a martini glass, add Brain Freeze Raspberry Sorbet, fresh raspberries, whipped cream and sprinkle with Pop Rocks. BAM!

* Add a glass of French Champagne $3

Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake
ALL chocolate ALL the TIME, with fresh raspberries. Rich! |GF

* Add a scoop of premium ice cream $3

St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake
Chef Debbie is from St. Louis. Mom made this for her as a child. It’s from the 1930s when a St. Louis baker reversed proportions with his ingredients and “Gooey Butter Cake” was born. 

* Add a scoop of Raspberry Sorbet $3


Bridge Press Cellars Evil Queen
Sassy Washington red blend. $6 glass /
$22 bottle or $10 off any bottle of Washington or Oregon wine

Gin Fix
Pre-Prohibition refreshing gin concoction: elegant, understated, like a summer breeze that makes you feel fine. Local Dry Fly Gin, fresh lemon juice, fresh berries. $7 Dry Fly;
$8 for any other gin.

Twelve String Brewing BDG (Beer Done Good)
Our very own local aged amber. $5

Laguna Cafe is a proud participant of Everyone Eats! Diners will be able to add a donation to Second Harvest to their Inlander Restaurant Week receipt.

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