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Iron Goat Brewery

A family friendly brewery and tasting room

CUISINE: Gastropub

(509) 474-0722
1302 W. Second Ave.

Menu served Monday-Sunday, 4 pm-9 pm

First Course

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Roasted butternut squash puree, crispy butternut squash chip, fried sage and
smoked cashew cream GF  V+  

Chorizo Slider
House-made blackened chorizo, lime crema, pickled red onions and cilantro 

Wilted Spinach Bacon Salad
Warm bacon vinaigrette, house-smoked bacon, buttermilk blue cheese, spiced candied almonds GF

Second Course

Pork Shank Osso Buco
Braised pork shank, tomato and vegetable ragout, lemon Parmesan risotto, gremolata,
grilled baguette GFA

Greek Chicken Personal Pan Pizza
Eight-inch Neapolitan crust, yogurt dill sauce, mozzarella, lemon dill chicken, capers, preserved lemon, nicoise olives, basil dill pistou

Vegan Cassoulet
Cannellini bean stew topped with a grilled vegetable melange, herb bread crumb and gremolata GFA  V+

Third Course

Orange Creme Brûlée
Orange vanilla creme brûlée with caramelized maple sugar GF 

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie
Traditional chocolate chip cookie served warm

Apple Crisp
Spiced apple crisp topped with almond whipped cream GF V+

V: Vegetarian item   |   V+ Vegan Item
GF: Gluten Free item   |   GFA: Gluten Free alternative available - ask your server


Wallonian Farmhouse Ale
Crisp, light bodied saison with hints of spice $7 12 oz.

Hazerquest Double Hazy IPA
Hazy and fruity double IPA $7 pint

Goatmeal Stout
Creamy oatmeal stout $6.50 pint

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