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Feast World Kitchen

A nonprofit restaurant with rotating menus by refugee/immigrant Chefs


(509) 608-1313
1321 W. 3rd Ave. 

Menu served Wednesday-Sunday, 12 pm-8 pm

First Course

Cha Gio (Vietnamese)
Eggroll with seasoned pork and shrimp. Made by Chef Vy Nguyen  

Chicken Arepas (Columbian)
Fried cornmeal patties filled with shredded chicken and cheese, served with slaw and ají.
Made by Chef Monica Sanders GF   

Mezze (Jordanian)
Tabouleh (parsley salad), yelanche (stuffed grape leave), and falafel (bean-based vegan patty).
Made by Chef Maisa Abudayha GFA  V+  

Second Course

Doro Wot with Injera (Ethiopian)
Chicken and hard boiled egg in a spicy tomato sauce served with injera (gluten-free flatbread with teft flour). Made by Chef Bietlehem Fantlahom GF 

Lamb Kebab (Lebanese)
Marinated lamb tikka, skewered and grilled, served with rice and cucumber mint yogurt sauce.
Made by Chef Mirak Kazanjian GFA 

Vegan Curry (Indian)
An array of vegetables mashed together with creamy mix of lentils and warm spices, served with caramelized brown rice. Made by Chef Noreen Hiskey GF  V+ 

Third Course

Tres Leches (Columbian)
Fluffy white cake soaked in a mix of sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk.
Made by Chef Monica Saunders 

Warbat (Palestinian)
A sweet pastry made with layers of dough stuffed with cream, topped with pistachios.
Made by Chef Suzanne Alrahma

Firni (Afghanistan)
Afghani pudding with pistachios and an Afghani coconut cookie made by Chef Yalda Mohmand GF

V: Vegetarian item   |   V+ Vegan Item
GF: Gluten Free item   |   GFA: Gluten Free alternative available - ask your server


Townshend Cellars Red Blend
A balanced red blend table wine for all occasions $7

Grain Shed Sonora White Wheat
A crisp wheat beer showing off Sonora white wheat, bursting with flavors of orange $6

Lumberbeard Brewing IPA
New Skool IPA $6

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