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Thai BambooRestaurant

Providing authentic, fresh, and delicious Thai and Asian cuisine


South Spokane
2926 E. 29th Ave
(509) 232-8424

Spokane Valley
12722 E. Sprague Ave.
(509) 444-8424

Coeur d’Alene
2010 N. 4th Ave.
(208) 667-5300

North Spokane
5406 N. Division St
(509) 777-8424


Menu served Monday-Sunday, 12 pm-Until closing

First Course

Thai Pork Ribs
Baby back pork ribs (2 pieces) marinated in Thai spices and cooked until tender. Served with a tangy lime Thai dipping sauce

Two Friends
Fresh green beans and snow peas sauteed in Thai Bamboo garlic tangy sauce

Firecracker Shrimp
Wild shrimp (three pieces), bell peppers, and onions in a fiery chili aioli sauce

Second Course

Thai Bamboo Favorite’s Platter
Featuring our two most popular dishes, Phad Thai and Cashew Nut. Each entree comes with your choice of protein. Served with a scoop of Thai jasmine rice

Rahd Nah
A classic returns. Your choice of protein with fresh wide noodles, broccoli, Chinese broccoli and cabbage stir-fried in chef May’s garlic gravy sauce

Pumpkin Indian Curry
Pumpkin Indian-style curry with carrots, peas, potatoes and onions. Garnished with cashew nuts and Thai basil. Served with Thai jasmine rice

Third Course

Fried Banana
Fresh banana hand-rolled in wonton wrappers, deep-fried and topped with a caramel drizzle

Warm Brownie Sundae
Housemade brownie warmed and topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

Coconut Cheesecake
Creamy coconut cheesecake made with a gluten-free coconut crust topped with whipped cream and coconut crumble topping

V: Vegetarian item   |   VA: Vegetarian alternative available - ask your server V+ Vegan Item
GF: Gluten Free item   |   GFA: Gluten Free alternative available - ask your server


No-Li Brewhouse
Rotating brews: Ask you server for details. $4

Huckleberry D’Latah
Pacific Northwest huckleberries compliment Latah Creek Riesling with notes of white grape and pear $5

Arbor Crest Riesling
Flavors of pineapple, lemon, and honey with hints of peach and almond $5

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