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d’Bali Asian Bistro

Southeast Asian comfort food


12924 W. Sunset Hwy.
Airway Heights

Menu served Monday-Saturday, 5 pm-9 pm

First Course

Green Papaya Salad with Chicken Satay
Marinated skewers of chicken breast accompanying a crisp green papaya salad lightly dressed in traditional citrus and nam pla sauce

Crispy Spring Roll Lettuce Wraps
A duo of homemade smoked pork and vegetable spring rolls served crispy with fresh lettuce, vermicelli noodles and sauce to make your own wraps

Wok-fired Noodles and Vegetables
Fried noodles and vegetables full of flavor and smokiness imparted by our classic wok preparation V

Second Course

Sumatran Beef Rendang and Coconut Rice
Our signature homage to Indonesia’s beef rendang, which was crowned the Best Food in CNN’s World’s “50 Best Foods.” It’s a must try! Mama’s Sumatra-style rendang is simmered low and slow — an Inland NW favorite!

Bombay Chicken and Rice
Twice-marinated for ultimate flavor and tenderness, our boneless, butterflied chicken is accented by soy, garlic, smoked paprika, lime and garam masala.

Baba Nonya Malaysian Curry
Mama’s homemade curries are made fresh, in small batches, which delivers vibrant flavor! Our Malaysian Curry is characterized by the use of red chilies, exotic spices and herbs, as well as coconut cream and potatoes and tofu. V

Third Course

Rainbow Jello and Coconut Candy
Two of Mama Jeannie’s most requested Southeast Asian desserts that are commonly enjoyed at special celebrations

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta
Mama’s passion fruit panna cotta is silky, creamy, lightly tangy and sweet. Served with salted caramel sauce

Crispy Banana Lumpia
Crispy dessert spring roll stuffed with ripe banana and served with optional caramel sauce V

V: Vegetarian item   |   V+ Vegan Item
GF: Gluten Free item   |   GFA: Gluten Free alternative available - ask your server


Kelly-Mocho Sangria
Arbor Crest red wine and cola $6

Arbor Crest Wine
Red and white options available $10

Snow Eater Brewing Beer
Ask your server about our seasonal selection from Liberty Lake’s Snow Eater Brewing $6

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